The Sierra Volleyball Club is a Christian-based organization. There will be prayers during practice and tournaments. Our first and foremost objective is to build strong women that can use the skills they learn on the court and translate them to every day life.  We want them to use their talents to glorify God on and off the court. As a father of three daughters, I know how difficult it is to keep our girls from falling into the ways of the world. This is why I believe that if we train up our children in the way they should go, they will never depart from it (Proverbs 22v6). The Sierra Volleyball Club would love to be a part of that training.


Carlos L. Sierra, Director

Sierra Volleyball Club Code of Ethics and Handbook


  • Please read carefully.  When you sign your USAV and or AAU player’s commitment form you are agreeing to all terms listed on these contracts. You also acknowledge that the terms cannot be changed by any other contract written or verbal or outside of this document. Acting according to the regulations and rules of the USAV, AAU and the Sierra Volleyball Club you are making a commitment to:
  • Displaying sportsmanship at all times


  • Being responsible for transporting my child and/or children to and from tournaments
  • Make proper arrangements for my child to be at club practices and tournaments.
  • Being courteous to other athletes and parents both from SVC and other clubs.
  • Never getting involved in the coaching and training of my child and her team mates ( no exceptions)
  • Never screaming instructions to my child during play and practices OR other players.
  • Never Getting involved in disorderly conduct, fist fights or any kind of activity that is either illegal or out of order.
  • Speaking in a derogatory form about other teams, Clubs or ATHELETS
  • Never protest to a referee’s call, lines persons, other players , score keepers and coaches.
  • Making timely payments according to SVC agreement.
  • Being supportive of coaches’ decisions and being aware that I am paying for training and not for court time( playing time).  I am also aware that I am in no way being guaranteed playing time for my CHILD.

Please read Dispute and Refund Policies carefully.  When you sign your USAV or AAU player’s commitment form you are agreeing to abide by these policies strictly.

Dispute Resolution Policy

All disputes will be handled in the following order:

Parents/athlete should see Mr. or Mrs. Sierra in reference to any issues they may be having.  If the matter is not resolved to the parents/athletes satisfaction, a meeting will be scheduled with the Club Director and the SVC employee in question to try to resolve the situation.  All parties will be present at the meeting.  Final Decision in the matter will be made and presented in writing by the Club Director.

Refund policy

By committing to play with the Sierra Volleyball club under USAV and or AAU rules you are committing to the full amount due for your team in full.  You are accountable for the full amount unless otherwise specified in writing and notarized by the SVC Club Director.  Any Athlete leaving a team in the middle of the season is still responsible for the fee in full for the whole season.  Sierra Volleyball Club (SVC) will not release any athletes until the athlete’s financial responsibility is completely paid.